This Is How the Community of YouTubers Grew up in 2019

The YouTube digital platform continues to grow and is showing no signs of stopping. A quarterly analysis, recently published by its executive director Susan Wojcicki, reflected the performance and activity of users and found that the percentage of YouTubers with more than a million subscribers increased by 65%. As seen in that study, many digital […]

The Best Smartphones That Will Arrive in 2020

2020 opens the way for the launching of several high-end models of cell phones. Different brands will compete in the market with their new smartphones, some with larger screens, greater capacity, and all with new features. However, the price of these powerful devices may not be as accessible as those of previous ones. Unsurprisingly, the […]

How to Prepare a Good Pecha Kucha Presentation?

Making a good presentation is not easy. It takes preparation and some knowledge of the elements intrinsic to this communication method. But using one format may help with the process. Pecha Kucha is an organizing technique that allows you to manage your time and express your ideas more efficiently. Here we explain what exactly is […]

Mejores estrategias publicitarias para el Black Friday

¡Llegó el Viernes Negro! Aunque apenas te preparas para la temporada decembrina, debes tener todo listo para que tu negocio aproveche esta fecha y ¡hacer explotar las ventas! El momento es propicio para que redes sociales, correos electrónicos y mensajes de texto publiciten nuestros grandiosos descuentos y hagan correr a todos. No puedes dejar pasar […]

The Best Technological Innovations of Tokyo 2020

A new decade is approaching, and with it, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games arrive, a great sporting event in the capital of the Japanese country, a host that promises a technological deployment that will leave millions of users dazzled. It has been shown that major events, such as the World Cup, bring technological advances. To […]

How to Handle a Business Crisis?

Crises generate changes, some very positive, others negative. Every large corporation has gone through a crisis at some point, and many have managed to come out successfully, but there are cases in which the situation cannot be sorted out that easily. Uncertainty is often one of its consequences. This is because of the difficulty of […]

¿Por qué conviene usar resource hints en tu web?

La precarga de recursos o resource hints es una técnica WPO (siglas en inglés de Web Performance Optimizations u optimización de rendimiento web) que, a pesar de haber sido aplicada desde hace varios años, no se toma tanto en cuenta como la implementación de un sistema de caché o un servicio de CDN, entre otras. […]

Do We Really Need a Facebook National Unfriend Day?

The idea to dedicate a whole day to eliminating contacts from Facebook was first proposed in 2010 by comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel, when he announced it on his popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! Although the proposal had a certain level of acceptance at first, it generated some controversy in many parts of […]

¿Cómo usar premios para aumentar la fidelización?

Fidelizar a un cliente no es una tarea sencilla. Por lo general, es necesario llevar a cabo una serie acciones y aplicar distintas estrategias para garantizar su continuidad, es decir, para que siga formando parte de la cartera de clientes fijos de la empresa. Y la táctica de premios y regalos suele ser muy eficaz […]