Creative and Original Business Ideas


Customers will always prefer what makes them feel special. If you make your customers feel exclusive with your solution, you will get them hooked faster. Although it all depends on the target you are addressing, originality generates empathy and appreciation; that’s why creative and original business ideas are a must. Examples of creative and original […]

What is Product Placement and How Is it Used?

Product placement is an advertising technique that consists of inserting a product, message, or brand within a program’s narrative. For example, a character uses the product, makes some reference to it, or the product is seen during the scene. It started to be used in television shows, but soon it was used in other formats […]

Advertising Creativity Today: Exemplary Campaigns


All the brands, shops, and companies in the world are always looking to set trends within their sector and the industry itself, wishing to stand out as the best in advertising. Discover the most creative advertising Top 4 exemplary campaigns “Dream Crazy”: Nike, United States Video:( The sportswear brand celebrated the 30th anniversary of its […]

Useful Tips to Start Your Own Business


Starting a business can be very stressful, and practically demands all your time and attention. On the other hand, it can also be a great personal and professional experience. Today, we will give you some tips to help you in your entrepreneurial adventure.   Start your own business   Discover your skills. Not everyone has […]

Bad Practices: Unexpected Technological Failures


Technology is advancing at a dizzying rate and thousands of companies are tirelessly researching to make the most of the major new developments. This relentless race has led to magnificent advances, but also to resounding fiascos. Technological giants at the forefront of exceptional launches have also scored fatal creations with irreparable system errors and have […]

Ideas to Start an Online Business

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a way to get into the Internet business but are a little lost, this post is for you! Sometimes, thinking outside the box can help you discover how to combine your interests and goals of online entrepreneurship. Online Business ideas Consultant in areas of expertise Do you […]

How Does Creativity Work in Advertising?

Advertising creatives are responsible for the overall look of an advertisement, which may appear on the Internet, television, magazines or billboards. They must think up new and creative ideas for different types of advertising, or they may also in just one area, for example, advertising on social networking sites. Techniques for developing creativity Develop your […]