What Is Growth Hacking and How to Implement It

Every entrepreneur dreams of seeing his company grow vertiginously, and growth hacking is the perfect strategy to make it a reality. But how can we put it into practice? Here we tell all about this new concept and how to apply it. What is Growth Hacking? Growth hacking is a term with two implicit meanings: […]

Emotional Marketing at Christmas

Emotions invade us all on Christmas Eve. People are sensitive, they gather as a family and give or receive gifts. And this tradition is both a cultural and commercial event. Because of the high demand for different items and services on this date, businesses begin to devise strategies to stand out from the competition and […]

Digital Profiles: The Future of Business Models

A change in traditional business models is coming, and companies are adapting. Nowadays, a true challenge for them is searching for a team of professionals with experience in the digital field. We don’t need to be fortune tellers to predict office hours will disappear soon. And many labor market analysts support this thesis based on […]

Tips to Improve Engagement in Your Social Networks

When we talk about social media, there are specific issues that we must take into account. Beyond content, there is an essential goal in every digital marketing strategy: generating engagement. But how do they achieve this, and how can they improve it? If you have these types of doubts, then you are in luck. Today […]

How to Make a Christmas Campaign to Create Engagement

December finally arrived! By this time of the year, most shopping centers and stores have renewed their showcases with Christmas motifs. If you haven’t already, you are probably thinking of developing a campaign that generates engagement and helps you get the most sales. Don’t worry, you still have time to plan the best strategy for […]

What We Know About the New Google Accounts Service


Google has entered into a series of agreements with financial institutions to start offering checking accounts to users in the United States. In recent decades, many companies have joined this technological age of proficient banking services, and the tech giant is no longer the exception. The story published in The Wall Street Journal explains that […]

Tips for a Nice Christmas Marketing Campaign

Christmas is a time for shopping, so we must take advantage of these dates to carry out a successful Christmas campaign, getting the highest sales. We present some useful recommendations for your Christmas marketing campaign to apply for this holiday. 1. Anticipate the arrival of Christmas Christmas marketing campaigns should be carried out in advance: […]

How to Prepare Your Social Networks for 2020?

We are in the last months of 2019, so you need to prepare your company’s social networks, now that next year is upon us. But how to do it? In this article, we’ll show you several ways to ready your social media and what to prioritize in 2020. You will only have positive results from […]

Main Benefits of a Social Media Plan

A social media plan is a very useful instrument to establish a link between a brand and its users, even though there are still some companies that ignore the advantages of these new interactions. Gone are the old methods of communication between businesses and potential customers based on distant relationships, where the company showed its […]

The Japanese Routine That Will Improve Your Business

Productive companies organize daily work routines to improve the performance of their employees. The programmed activities must be oriented to motivate the staff to be in tune with the priority objectives of the business. The most common daily routines to increase the productivity level of workers are those related to personal habits: exercising, writing a […]