Why is Jungle Cruise the movie of the moment?

Jungle Cruise is the summer blockbuster that everybody was expecting. Continuing with the Cruise, Disney was determined to have the best of the best with this movie. Moreover, with all that is going on in the world, after all, we can forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic period. Definitely, these two […]

SpaceX vs. Blue Origin: the space race of the 21st century

SpaceX vs. Blue Origin

Oh, space, an endless territory that has always captivated humans through history. But in the lastest decades, it has been showing us its secrets and started something called the space race among nations and governments. However, in recent years, that race has changed its main characters, and now millionaires are taking hold of the advances […]

Spider-Man 3: Will the three protagonists meet?

News about Spider-Man 3

Movies are one of our beloved hobbies. One of the most anticipated for this year is Spider-Man 3, because who doesn’t enjoy a good story with tons of quality scenes and pack with a bunch of superheroes? But last year was a terrible time for the filming industry. Many productions had to be delayed because […]

Netflix Premieres and Farewells in November

Netflix in November

Netflix is saying goodbye to the spooky season. October is no longer here. But November is saying hello to everybody. With it, the holiday season is starting to appear, including new content in the streaming platform. Today we are showing you what will be new and what will no longer be available on Netflix! Read: […]

News from Facebook: this Is What You Should Know

Facebook news

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. Still, just a small part of its users know that they are always updating to improve its services, besides showing new and exciting features. For that reason, in 786 Magazine, we show you what Facebook has been up to! This is the […]

Apple Design Awards 2020: These Were the Winners

Apple Design Awards 2020

Last month it took place Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. However, this year’s conference was virtual, so there were some missing things like the winners of the Apple Design Awards. They were announced a couple of days after, highlighting that they brought “distinctive new ideas to life.” Check out more about the awards, and of […]

Useful Tips to Start Your Own Business


Starting a business can be very stressful, and practically demands all your time and attention. On the other hand, it can also be a great personal and professional experience. Today, we will give you some tips to help you in your entrepreneurial adventure.   Start your own business   Discover your skills. Not everyone has […]

Bad Practices: Unexpected Technological Failures


Technology is advancing at a dizzying rate and thousands of companies are tirelessly researching to make the most of the major new developments. This relentless race has led to magnificent advances, but also to resounding fiascos. Technological giants at the forefront of exceptional launches have also scored fatal creations with irreparable system errors and have […]

What We Know About the New Google Accounts Service


Google has entered into a series of agreements with financial institutions to start offering checking accounts to users in the United States. In recent decades, many companies have joined this technological age of proficient banking services, and the tech giant is no longer the exception. The story published in The Wall Street Journal explains that […]