The Japanese Routine That Will Improve Your Business

Productive companies organize daily work routines to improve the performance of their employees. The programmed activities must be oriented to motivate the staff to be in tune with the priority objectives of the business. The most common daily routines to increase the productivity level of workers are those related to personal habits: exercising, writing a […]

What You Should Know about Social Media Planning

What is a social media marketing plan or social media plan? The social media marketing plan is a document that establishes the strategies necessary to achieve the company’s marketing objectives. In other words, it includes a well-developed social media marketing plan. It can be said that it is an instrument that directs all our strategies […]

Mobile Marketing: the Future of Digital Marketing

Who doesn’t use a smartphone these days? The use of this tool has been increasing year after year. Many companies have taken advantage of this boom to focus their sales strategies on mobile marketing. The idea is not only to segment the strategies towards the web, but to direct them towards the users of mobile […]

Advantages of Work Uniforms for a Company

Achieving an excellent corporate visual image is not a simple task; it requires a series of elements, but we must take the necessary steps to achieve it. Starting with the design, preparation, and implementation of work uniforms in our company would be a good beginning if we want our business to have an identity that […]

How Do Social Networks Influence Generation Z?

The Gen Z or centennials is a denomination used to refer to all those people who were born between 1995 and 2015; practically, most of them opened their eyes to the world at a time when everyone is constantly connected. A generation that has transformed written language from text to images to convey a message, […]

PechaKucha: a Strategy to Innovate in Your Work

Undertaking a new project and having to present it to an audience requires the application of effective methods, especially if time is limited and you want to develop the topics in a practical and efficient way. The best strategy to innovate in your work and make the best use of content and time available is: […]

How to Measure the ROI in Your Instagram Stories? (Google Analytics Is Perfect!)

Do you already know how to measure the ROI (return on investment) of your Instagram Stories with Google Analytics? Have you managed to detect if this tool helps you achieve the proposed goals according to the marketing plan? Do you think that the time, effort, and money invested in creating the content that you upload […]

Stories of Entrepreneurship that Will Inspire You

Achieving business success is a real challenge, and at the same time, it implies taking risks and a real commitment to accomplish the objective. Many are encouraged to face this professional challenge, but not everyone succeeds. The digital era demands a great effort on the part of the entrepreneurs, and among the inconveniences to overcome […]

What Does Will Happen to Digital Marketing? Find out Where We’re Going Now!

Digital dynamics moves at a precipitous pace. Developers and strategists use all their ingenuity to adapt to technological advances that cover all work areas. The same goes for digital marketing, what was a trend yesterday today occupies a second place giving way to new ideas that set the tone today. What path will digital marketing […]

Do Social Networks Affect User’s Self-Esteem?

Social networks change the way we interact with other people. They represent a tool that allows us to interact impersonally with others and with which we can obtain information in a permanent and updated way. In other words, it is a means to connect with the lives of others quickly and efficiently. For this, it […]