What About Combining Offline and Online Marketing?

Combining online and offline marketing is no longer a novelty because its effectiveness has been confirmed in terms of results in the different corporations that decided to take advantage of the best of both to achieve the proposed objectives. This technique is well known as blender marketing and seeks to unify the two worlds. It […]

10 Tips to Create a Great “About Us” Section on Your E-Commerce Page

If you want to convert the “about us” section into a unique, original space and set a trend, you cannot fail to review the following lines, because you will find the most effective way to impact your potential customers and captivate them instantly. In this section, you must give enough information for customers to be […]

BTL advertising and its importance for your marketing campaign

Below the line (BTL) is the term used for a type of advertising campaign, which consists of using non-massive communicational forms aimed at a specific segment, making use of resources such as surprise, creativity, novelty, and the sense of opportunity. At the same time, innovative channels are created to convey the desired message. These acronyms […]

Dark S2: the New Best of Netflix?

Dark is a German TV show distributed by Netflix, and it has gained millions of followers around the world since its premiere in 2017. But it has surprised everybody that a German-language series can engage so many into its trama. Today, we are going to explain more about the show, why its popularity, and little […]

Huawei & Google: Is This the End of the Company in the USA?

Huawei is considered the second largest smartphone company in the world; only Samsung is their biggest rival. Producing new products every year, and the 5G network just around the corner outside Asia, it was becoming the best in the market, just look at their new models! But the U.S. government put a stop banning them […]

Mark Zuckerberg, You Have Some to Tell Us about the New Facebook Look?

The annual conference of Facebook, the F8, made some important announcements, especially about its design. According to the CEO Mark Zuckerberg, we can say bye to the traditional blue in all the versions of this social network; from the app to the website, it will present a brand new look with a predominant color: white! […]

Why Instagram Made a Purge?

As a lot of us know by now, last February 12 Instagram did a users clean up; a lot of them were surprised because of what happened. People went to sleep at night, and by the morning they’ve lost hundreds, thousands or even millions of followers. This clean up made a lot of people mad, […]