Benefits of QR codes for your marketing strategy

Benefits of QR codes

QR codes or Quick Response codes are amazing tools that have been the best solution for many activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is so much that people don’t know about them. In the marketing area, they are the best ways to bring together traditional and digital marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at […]

Twitter Blue: The Paid Service With Special Functions

The new Twitter Blue

Twitter is a unique social media platform designed as a space where users can voice out their inner thoughts. Still, one of the recurrent demands was the edit option for every tweet, and now the little bird has answered with Twitter Blue. Moreover, this new service goes beyond the edit option, offering new things from […]

Meet Tubi: A growing streaming platform

All about link shorteners

Streaming platforms are here to stay. We pay and get used to them. But what about those platforms that offer content for free? Let us introduce to you Tubi, a relatively new streaming service totally free. When free is involved trusting in those websites is hard, but here is a different story. Check it out! […]

Link shorteners you need to know if you work in digital marketing

All about link shorteners

Link shorteners are one the best tools that have been created for the digital world. With just easy steps, any long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) link can be reduced to a few characters, which are the miracle of community managers, social media strategists, business owners, and even those teens with thousands of followers on TikTok. […]

Telegram prepares video conferences like Zoom or Skype

Telegram new video conferences

Telegram is the app that is competing against WhatsApp. Still, the latest months have seen an increase in its users, thanks to a trust issue within the rival due to an announcement about their term of use. Now it has 500 million users around the globe. What makes Telegram incredible is its endless features that […]

SpaceX vs. Blue Origin: the space race of the 21st century

SpaceX vs. Blue Origin

Oh, space, an endless territory that has always captivated humans through history. But in the lastest decades, it has been showing us its secrets and started something called the space race among nations and governments. However, in recent years, that race has changed its main characters, and now millionaires are taking hold of the advances […]

Green energy sources already in use

Green energy sources

Green energy is a term that we had read or heard somehow. Still, this one can mean so many different things, and it shouldn’t be compared with renewable or clean energy. Surprisingly they represent similar energy sources that can be separated into categories. Don’t despair today we are going to explain all those energy sources […]

Intel vs. AMD: an epic technological rivalry

Intel vs. AMD

We use computers daily from PC to laptops. These devices are an essential part of our lives. But do you know that any computer’s heart is its processor, and in that field, Intel and AMD companies are the bigger ones? Today we will discuss how they get to be so important when their competition started, […]

Innovative apps that you should know: which one do you prefer?

Innovative apps

When we started to use smartphones and other smart devices, the world and our lifestyle changed forever. Definitely thinking about this without bringing apps to the discussion is not normal. These applications make phones, tablets, laptops, T.V.s, and even watches different, each designed for specific operative systems and with its own features. But let’s dive […]

Technological tools that every entrepreneur must have

Technological tools for business

A digital world is a new norm, especially for entrepreneurs, but sometimes technology can be a little overwhelming. However, there are some technological tools that every entrepreneur must know and understand how to use. For that reason, today, we are going to show you several of those technologies in the entrepreneurship world because it’s never […]