Bad Practices: Unexpected Technological Failures


Technology is advancing at a dizzying rate and thousands of companies are tirelessly researching to make the most of the major new developments. This relentless race has led to magnificent advances, but also to resounding fiascos. Technological giants at the forefront of exceptional launches have also scored fatal creations with irreparable system errors and have […]

What We Know About the New Google Accounts Service


Google has entered into a series of agreements with financial institutions to start offering checking accounts to users in the United States. In recent decades, many companies have joined this technological age of proficient banking services, and the tech giant is no longer the exception. The story published in The Wall Street Journal explains that […]

Stories of Entrepreneurship that Will Inspire You

Achieving business success is a real challenge, and at the same time, it implies taking risks and a real commitment to accomplish the objective. Many are encouraged to face this professional challenge, but not everyone succeeds. The digital era demands a great effort on the part of the entrepreneurs, and among the inconveniences to overcome […]

What Does Will Happen to Digital Marketing? Find out Where We’re Going Now!

Digital dynamics moves at a precipitous pace. Developers and strategists use all their ingenuity to adapt to technological advances that cover all work areas. The same goes for digital marketing, what was a trend yesterday today occupies a second place giving way to new ideas that set the tone today. What path will digital marketing […]

BTL advertising and its importance for your marketing campaign

Below the line (BTL) is the term used for a type of advertising campaign, which consists of using non-massive communicational forms aimed at a specific segment, making use of resources such as surprise, creativity, novelty, and the sense of opportunity. At the same time, innovative channels are created to convey the desired message. These acronyms […]

Mark Zuckerberg, You Have Some to Tell Us about the New Facebook Look?

The annual conference of Facebook, the F8, made some important announcements, especially about its design. According to the CEO Mark Zuckerberg, we can say bye to the traditional blue in all the versions of this social network; from the app to the website, it will present a brand new look with a predominant color: white! […]