Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Sometimes we write for us. It’s perfect and simple, ideal for like-minded readers. But when you’re working in the trade of marketing, you’re actually writing for a varied, albeit reduced audience. This, of course, makes for an important change: you need to know what to write to generate an emotion in your readers. Writing compelling content, as you can see, is not an easy feat. That’s why we bring you this basic guide to guide you (pun intended) through the complex world of magically written content.

Writing compelling content: the science of influence

As humans, we rely on emotion. Unless you’re a zombie, there’s a functioning brain over your shoulders that fires away chemicals that create emotions. As a marketing specialist, content producer or copywriter, you understand this process better than anybody. After all, you have to help people go through their buyer’s journey in the best way possible. Now, knowing about that process, what can you do to generate an action in your readers?

  • Focus on the original idea: compelling writing content starts with a lightbulb in your head. Think of this as a fundamental of the process. In the first part of your writing, creating something with quality and value is fundamental, for that reason, focus on investigating and building a solid database.
  • Create an ideal reader: this sounds idealistic, I know. But it works like a charm when creating any kind of content. Ask yourself the important questions: why this topic? Who am I writing? What will they get out of reading it? What’s the emotion I want to take? These answer should guide you when building your texts.
  • Select a call to action: the famous CTA’s are the rabbit in the hat for content creators. It makes them create a reaction in the readers. Call to actions must have two things to be effective: be simple, and generate an impulse. Compelling texts contain often the same CTA or a build up to it throughout the text.
  • Convey emotions: create a text that generates emotions. Something that people can feel throughout the text. The best emotions and feelings to convey in a compelling text are curiosity, fun, intrigue and sometimes, even a bit of anger or frustration. That should do the trick! Leave readers feeling they’ve read something that moves them.
  • Tell a story: people love something they can get lost in, or that relates to them in one way or another. Use a language that can express just that, opening with an anecdote, or use your readers as a tool to bring them on board.

Writing compelling content is not a mystery, is a magical way to convert readers into leads for your brand. Want to know how to write content for all your brand’s projects? Then come on board and read our blog, we bring you the experts tips on how to make blogs that create the right emotion. Check it out and contact us if you want experts to help in doing a magic trick with words!

Compelling content

That’s right, writing compelling content for selling is not something that only magicians can do, you can do it too!

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