How to create templates for your social media posts?

Templates for social networks

Template is a word that we constantly find pretty much everywhere, but what does it mean? And it truly can help us with social media posts? Well, today’s article is exactly about templates for social media. Besides, any kind of template is very useful for many aspects if you work closely with digital programs. Still, even in an office, they show their value. Keep reading to know more about templates!

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What are templates?

Marketers and content creators will tell you how helpful templates are, from finding exactly what you are looking for to having that spark of inspiration with them. But the most important part of them is that you can save time and effort using the perfect template for the different posts on social media. That is the main reason why they are so useful and so popular at the same time. 

A template is a pre-made design or document that can be modified in any aspect to suit better the brand, the strategy, or the final product. Normally they are designed for specific standards to be consistent among users and platforms. Several websites are dedicated to offering templates for your designs or social media posts, some of them for free and some others with different paid subscriptions. However, you can also create your own templates to save time and energy. After all, there are many social media platforms. 

Benefits of templates

Design templates are a great tool for designers with a huge workload and business owners who cannot afford to pay a marketing team or a design team for their social media accounts. With them, anybody can create beautiful visual posts without so many complications. Check out the benefits of using templates.

  • Fast and convenient: with them, a person can save time and energy to recreate every detail regarding the brand in every design in each post in the strategy. A template will help them to only put the important things in the art. 
  • Systematized: when using templates from popular and reputable sites, those will have the expected specification and size to look and work perfectly fine on the desired platform. This also applies to postcards, business cards, printed menus, and more. But this also is perfect for the brand because with a template, the image, colors, and so much will be intact in each design. 
  • Optimization: let’s be honest, a bad design can damage the SEO of your website, plus the user experience can be affected by them. So it’s better to use a template that offers a good design and follows the brand guidelines. 
  • Lower Budget: many quality templates can be found for free! Yes, believe us, there are several sites dedicated to offering great templates for free. Of course, you can find some that are paid, but surprisingly, they aren’t that expensive. Sites such as Canva, Creative Market, Vexel, or even Microsoft Office and Google Docs offer many templates.

This is just a small proof of the amazing thing that templates are. But now, let’s check some tips to create your own templates for your social media platforms. 

Tips for creating your own templates

Social media platforms are sites where the visual is the first rule. Still, you don’t need to be a professional designer to create the best posts following the brand’s image. Of course, this is like everything else in life. They will get better with time and practice. Don’t despair. Follow these tips and get creative.

  • Audience: of course, the audience is the main reason behind a good design, and remember, just as you direct the strategy for them, the plan must follow the audience’s desires and wants. 
  • Theme: before getting real with the design, you must pick a theme, whether it be text or image, the theme is highly important for the templates. Because the entire campaign and strategies will be around this theme, thus important before creating the templates. 
  • Colors: these are hugely important. After all, behind them, we can find many psychological reasons why we prefer certain colors depending on situations and moods. Normally for social media templates, the better is to use the brand’s colors which already have been studied to fit the business area and audience. 
  • Fonts: if you go with a text theme here, the fonts will be the main characters, so you need to choose the best for your brand and the strategy. Pretty much fonts just like the colors have been already picked, but sometimes you can use the other two fonts to impact the posts. Even when the theme is more visual, the use of a few texts will be necessary. 
  • White Space: this is like an unspoken rule in the design world. Each template must have white space to allow the user to read the important information or reduce lots of elements that will only give a disorganization feeling in the design. 
  • Visual Style: this part is important because nowadays, this is like the main catch in social media, the Style that you give to your account, especially Instagram, will define the interactions. For that reason, many brands try to use a very specific feed design that will bring together every post. Of course, this will show the logo or watermark as part of the copyright.
  • Size and Specifications: you must be careful with this point. Each social media has its own specifications for its post, headers, profile photo, and other features. Also, each platform will require to create posts with different sizes such as vertical, square, or horizontal to take advantage of the platforms. 
  • Be minimalist: the simple and minimalist designs are the best for any social media post. The main theme, image, or message will reach users, and their experience will be the best. So try to fit the tips above in a minimalist design. 

Definitely, templates for social media are the best tool for a good strategy. Besides, they will help save time and energy that can be used for other important aspects of any business. Keep in touch with the Magazine to find out more about the fascinating world of social media platforms. 

Guide to create templates for social networks.

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