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These are the most famous tiktokers of 2020

These are the most famous tiktokers of 2020

TikTok is the social media platform taking over in 2020, living a pandemic era with a mandatory quarantine, and social distancing is the norm. Our digital devices are our best friends. These times call for new entertainment things, and TikTok has become that new attraction. 

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This social media is a platform for short-format videos, specially created for mobile devices. They want to inspire creativity and bring joy. It has become quickly one of the most famous around the world. Asia was the first to know about this new trend, and as with every social media platform, it created a name for their users. They are known as tiktokers. Today we will show you the most followed tiktokers and the ones that earn a lot of money with 30s videos.

Tiktokers with more followers

These are the most followed tiktokers on the platform. They have become popular thanks to their videos’ content, and to get that recognition, you must have the creativity to present funny, interesting, and different videos. So let’s check the five most followed tiktokers:

1.- Charli D’Amelio

@charlidameliodc @b1ondebimbo♬ Conga – Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

Charli is known as the TikTok Queen, with more than 93 million followers on her account. She is a dancer born in the USA in 2004. Her first video was posted on May 30, 2019, but she didn’t start to post regularly until July of the same year. After that first video, she started to gain more and more followers. 

Her account is more about dance challenges, dance practice, and other types of videos. Charli is now one of the top influencers on TikTok, gaining more and more sponsorship deals. Her family is also an important part of her account, her sister is another famous TikToker, but Charli is the number one.

2.- Addison Rae

@addisonre@sherinicolee♬ New Thang – Redfoo

She is the second most followed TikToker, born in 2000. She is an interesting case. Let’s see, she started her account in July 2019 while studying at college, but Addison decided to drop out of school and completely focused on her influencer career, so far it has been a success. Addison has more than 65 million followers on TikTok. Her videos are about different things from challenges to make up. She has her own clothing line and online store

3.- Zach King

@zachkingSorry @jasonderulo 😬♬ original sound – Zach King

Zach is a magician! Yes, as you are reading, he does magic tricks, and that is exactly what makes him so popular on TikTok. But is one of the oldest tiktokers on the list. He was born in 1990, and he started on YouTube back in 2008. He has almost 51 million followers that enjoy the high quality of his videos. You can also find celebrities as his guests on several videos. 

4.- Loren Gray

@lorengrayhi❤️♬ comment hi if noah beck is your husband… – wow.tunez 👀

Loren is a singer born in the USA. Many of her more than 48 million followers consider her a human barbie; her videos are about different trends on TikTok and friends and family. She was the former TikTok Queen until Charli took that title. Her singing career started back in 2017, when she signed to Virgin Records. Check out her YouTube Channel.

5.- Spencer X

@spencerx👹 bass activate

♬ original sound – Spencer X

Spencer X, whose real name is Spencer Polanco Knight from Manhattan, New York, is on the list thanks to his more than 46 million followers on the platform. This TikToker is widely known because of his beatbox skills. He has collaborated with artists such as Alicia Keys and Sean Kingston. He wants to be the top star of the beatbox worldwide, and TikTok is helping him. 

Top earning tiktokers

These are the top three earning TikTokers on the platform because, as with any other social media, influencers are gaining tons of money just by posting a short video on this platform. Check them out!

1.- Addison Rae

Even when she is the second most followed TikToker on the platform, Addison is the one that is making the most money. She is reaching $5 million this year, which is a big sum for someone so young. Her first sponsor partner was Fashion Nova, a women’s clothing online store. From then everything was getting better. She is now the global spokesperson for American Eagle, and Addison now owns her online store and make-up line Item Beauty, in association with Madeby, a beauty startup. 

2.- Charli and Dixie D’Amelio

The D’Amelio sisters got together almost $7 million this year. Both are famous TikTokers. Even when Charli is currently the “Queen,” Dixie started her path on the platform making joint videos with her sister. Charli has sponsorship deals with companies like EOS cosmetics, while Dixie is focused on her music career with her first single Be Happy

3.- Loren Gray

The former TikToker Queen and the fourth most-followed account started her influencer path with Virgin Records. Now she has eight singles. Besides, many of her videos are sponsored by Burger King to Hyundai and even Skechers. This year she is gaining $2.9 million, with her looks that resemble a Barbie. 

These are the tiktokers that have dominated the platform. They are now influencers and want to keep with a solid career on social media. Don’t miss any news and articles on 786 Magazine. Just follow us on our social media!

Top tiktokers of 2020

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