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Have You Met the Robotic Dog Spot, the Coolest Machine of 2020?

Have You Met the Robotic Dog Spot, the Coolest Machine of 2020?

The Robotics field is one of the most interesting right now. Experts are showing some innovative ideas to help in different jobs worldwide, especially those that present dangers for humans. One of the coolest robots of 2020 is Spot, designed and created by Boston Dynamics. Today we are going to show you all about it, keep reading!

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What is Spot, the robotic dog?

It is a mobile robot created by Boston Dynamics, a company dedicated to robotics with an excellent team of engineers and scientists, ready to develop new technologies and software with cutting-edge electronics for high-performance robots that present perception, navigation, and intelligence.  

This year the team at Boston Dynamics introduced to the market Spot’ an agile robot designed to “Safer, more efficient and more predictable operations.” The robot’s design allows clear navigation for any type of terrain, which can result in an automated inspection with safe, accurate, and frequent data collection. 

This robot works perfectly for the following industries:

  • Construction: it can inspect any construction site, create a digital twin, and compare as-built conditions.
  • Oil and Gas: with Spot, the awareness of plant operations can be improved. Also, it allows inspection of facilities and creates autonomous routes. 
  • Utilities: it can inspect and collect data from electrified or radiation dense areas.
  • Public Safety: Spot is perfect for getting eyes on dangerous situations or inspecting strange packages. 
  • Mining: inspect tunnels with Spot to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Healthcare: the robot has all the tools to triage patients, deliver medicine, or to disinfect spaces from afar. 
  • Research: Spot can integrate with outside software to develop projects with industry partners.  
  • Entertainment: It can be used as part of different performances, programming dynamics, and expressive poses.

The technology behind robot dog Spot

Spot presents an interesting body ready for automatization, and exploration that can be customized at any time. These are some of its characteristics:

  • It can carry and power up to 14Kg of equipment.
  • Easy to control from afar thanks to an intuitive tablet app and built-in stereo cameras.
  • Can program repeatable missions to get consistent data. 
  • It has a 360° perception to map the terrain and avoid obstacles. 
  • Show balance dynamically perfect for uncertain environments with payloads of up to 14Kg.
  •  It can cruise over loose gravel, grass, curbs, and stairs.
  • Use the pre-build solutions of an existing network of third-party software and hardware providers. 
  • Allow attach and integrate outside hardware with mountain rails and payloads ports.
  • With the SDK (software development kit), create custom controls, program autonomous missions, and integrate sensor inputs into data analysis tools. 

Some of the applications that Spot presents many of them require outdoor equipment, but they just enhance the robot’s abilities:

  • Site documentation: it can document and manage site progress with a 360° camera, reducing time while collecting the data.
  • Digital Twin Creator: with a laser scanner, Spot can create digital twins of worksites, just program routine scanning routes. 
  • Gauge Reading: attach a Spot CAM to the robot’s base to collect color visuals and read analog measures for pressure, flow, temperature, and others. With a PTZ attached to the Spot CAM, the robot can get a 30x optical zoom and inspect gauges from afar.
  • Leak Detection: another great feature of the Spot CAM.
  • Thermal Detection: attaching a thermal camera to Spot can show issues about temperatures on machines or electrical conductors. 
  • Gas Detection: a gas sensor on Spot can show leaks without risking animals or humans.
  • Radiation Detection: with a radiation sensor, Spot can detect radiation levels on nuclear reactors or near-disaster sites.

As we can see, Spot is one of the coolest robots of 2020, offering so many tools for so many industries. These types of robots are the future of robotics, helping humans to reach data that can be hard and dangerous to obtain, but this technology must be used wisely after all robotics can be a dangerous field.

Meet the robotic dog Spot.

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