How to create an ad on Facebook? Guide 2021

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. So if you want to reach a big target through ads, this is the perfect place for that. But those ads work precisely to show your product or service to the correct audience, among the 2.8 billion users always checking Facebook. This can be a […]

How to create an inbound marketing strategy?

Inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is the king in the marketing world nowadays, but why? It is pretty easy. It allows companies and businesses to connect more deeply with possible customers, who can later become loyal clients. Why not brand ambassadors. Besides, this type of marketing is less expensive than outbound marketing, with even better content ready to […]

How to handle mental health issues in advertising

Mental health in advertising

Advertising is the main channel to promote products and services. It can also become an incredible place to talk about problems or issues that we face nowadays. Mental health is one of those issues, and a major theme for new generations, from Millennials to Gen Z. We want that brands address this topic. We want […]

What is outbound marketing, and which are its benefits?

All about outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is a term that every marketer, or professional working in this field, must learn, but it has been losing against inbound marketing. However, a good strategy with both techniques can do wonders for every brand. Especially in these times that we are living, where maybe getting back the old tricks can be what […]

Great vintage ads! Because creativity is timeless

Great vintage ads

Publicity and ads have always been there to promote a service or a product. With the improvement of technology and strategies, changes in society, and many other events, ads have been evolving. Right now, digital marketing is the king, but marketers are still finding useful content and inspiration in vintage ads. For that reason, we […]

Do You Know Femvertising?

Everything about femvertising

We are living in a world where big changes are happening, and social causes are the ones that make more impact on marketing. Using big brands’ voices to give the spotlight to those causes is generating a revolution in marketing. Today we are discussing Femvertising, the advertising that uses feminism as the main message. Keep […]

Advertising 2021: Data that Every Advertiser Should Know

Advertising 2021: trends

This year has proved to be a challenging one for any economic sector, the numbers are not that good, and we face different kinds of losses. But our adaptation skills are impressive, and we have hope for a better future, so 2021 looks promising even when this year was a tough one. Advertising 2021 will […]

786 Promotionals: Everything You Need in One Place

786 Promotionals

Promotional products are always a good way to present and publicize your brand, giving something useful for people. Those are also known as ad specialties, and produce big results, making it a successful industry. For that reason, the new branch at 786 Group is 786 Promotionals, where we offer to your company a vast promotional […]

Post-Pandemic Marketing: What to Expect?

Post-pandemic marketing

Marketing is an essential part of every business, but the pandemic has affected so many companies worldwide that sometimes the future doesn’t look that good. However, together we must think in the post-pandemic times; after all, the world and its inhabitants should adapt to a new normalcy. Marketing is one area taking further steps to […]

Examples of Creative Graphic Design in Advertising

Examples of graphic design in advertising

Marketing is an area that will always need some design, so here is where Graphic Design takes its pride. Graphic design in advertising can be found practically everywhere. The best ads out there need a quality graphic design to stand out, so check out its importance with excellent examples, keep reading! Read: Advertising design: the […]