Advantages of having a professional product catalog

Professional product catalog

Every business knows that showcasing its products showing its features, it’s exactly what the audience is looking for. But only a few understand that the best way to do this is through a product catalog. There are many advantages of having a professional one, reaching different sectors of your audience. Keep reading to find out […]

Branding: What is it, and how does it benefit your business?

Celebrity business

Branding is what many people think when they look at a logo or see a thing that can link to a brand; take, for example, the Oreo Cookies. Who doesn’t know that specific cookie? But even when the official definition states this, branding is more than just the image of the brand. There are several […]

How to create an inbound marketing strategy?

Inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is the king in the marketing world nowadays, but why? It is pretty easy. It allows companies and businesses to connect more deeply with possible customers, who can later become loyal clients. Why not brand ambassadors. Besides, this type of marketing is less expensive than outbound marketing, with even better content ready to […]

Digital marketing will continue to grow: Here’s why

Digital marketing growth

Digital marketing is definitely here to stay! While the human race is moving into more advanced technology eras, we will need tools to keep doing some ancient activities like selling goods and services to people, leading to earning money to sustain yourself or your family. This aging process is now taking into a more wide […]

Here is all 786 Group has to offer

786 Group information

Today we want to give you a small peek at what our mother company offers and how we work as a team. 786 Group is a company dedicated to many areas, with products and services around different teams and branches, but we are all connected one way or another. With this article, we hope that […]

How to handle mental health issues in advertising

Mental health in advertising

Advertising is the main channel to promote products and services. It can also become an incredible place to talk about problems or issues that we face nowadays. Mental health is one of those issues, and a major theme for new generations, from Millennials to Gen Z. We want that brands address this topic. We want […]

Why are more and more brands focusing on wellness?

Wellness y branding

Society changes every year, especially thanks to new generations that are looking for something different. Sometimes, not only is the people who push the change, the world itself presents some challenges. After all, we are facing a pandemic where we need to think more about our health and wellbeing. Normally problems are where some great […]

What is outbound marketing, and which are its benefits?

All about outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is a term that every marketer, or professional working in this field, must learn, but it has been losing against inbound marketing. However, a good strategy with both techniques can do wonders for every brand. Especially in these times that we are living, where maybe getting back the old tricks can be what […]

Christmas contests: How to use them to promote your brand?

Tips to use Christmas contests

Christmas is all about festivities and time to share with friends and family. But for marketers is one of the most stressful and tons of workload season of the year, not just because of an increase in sales, it’s more about the creativity that every marketer should put on every campaign and strategy. Christmas contests […]

Marketing ideas that you can use this Christmas

This year has been a tough one, many marketing ideas have become remote actions to interact with the audience through their devices. Christmas won’t be the exception, with the starting of the holiday season, businesses and companies are looking for ideas to design marketing campaigns that don’t involve physical presence. Check out some interesting ideas! […]